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Activities in Angel Fire, NM Summer 2013

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August 2-4, 2013
USA Gravity Nationals
Angel Fire Resort hosts the 2013 USAC Gravity Nationals. Come up to the mountain to see the fastest mountain bikers in the country compete.
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August 5-9, 2013
Junior Golf Clinic
Enjoy a week-long clinic for juniors with professional instruction on all facets of the game.
The cost is $185. To sign up or get more information, please call 575-377-4488.

August 7, 2013
Music on the Green Summer Concert Series
Come enjoy live music on the deck of the Country Club. 5:30pm-7:30pm. Blue Reys will play danceable, jump blues, Chicago-style, with a touch of funk from Oakland, a pinch of jazz and funk from New Orleans, and a dash of 40’s swing, so you can’t sit down!

August 10, 2013
Golf Clinic
10am-11am, $25 Topic: Chips, pitches, and lobs, plus wedge evaluation.

August 10-11, 2013
Adult Tennis Camp
Join Brett Hall for the Cool Mountain Adult Tennis Camp. There is a 6:1 student to pro ratio. This camp also includes video analysis. The cost is only $165 per player.
Contact Bret Hall for more information 503-930-7258.

August 10, 2013
Red Bull Dreamline
Come watch the world’s best BMX riders compete on an amazing course built on our very own mountain! This event is free to watch and will be broadcast on NBC.
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August 11, 2013
Couples 9 Holes of Fun
Come out and play 9 holes in a fun way!
Contact the Pro Shop for more information 575-377-4488.

August 16 – September 1, 2013
Music from Angel Fire’s 30th Anniversary Season
You are sure to enjoy the extraordinary chamber music presented this season by this wonderful music series. For more information please call 575-377-3233.
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August 17-18, 2013
Texas Shootout Team Tennis Tournament
Sign up for this weekend tournament to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of New Mexico. The tournament utilizes a unique team format and scoring system that makes it
great fun. The cost is $35 per player or $210 for a team of six.
Please call tennis pro Brett Hall at 503-930-7258 for more information.

August 20, 2013
Member Wine Buyers Club
Enjoy wine sampling & special purchase options while taking in the beautiful scenic views from Elements at the Angel Fire Resort Country Club. 4:30pm-5:30pm.

August 21, 2013
Music on the Green Summer Concert Series
The summer series concludes with a performance by Kim and the Caballeros. Enjoy the live music on the deck of the Country Club. 5:30pm-7:30pm.

August 25, 2013
Couples 9 Holes of Fun
Come out and play 9 holes in a fun way!
Contact the Pro Shop for more information 575-377-4488.

August 30, 2013
Nike Demo Day
Nike will be at the Angel Fire Resort Golf and Country Club – check out their latest golf gear.
For more information please call 575-377-4488.

August 30, 2013
Music from Angel Fire Gala Dinner
The Country Club is hosting the 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner for the Music of Angel Fire. Cocktails and appetizers begin at 5:30pm, followed by dinner at 6:30pm. From 8pm-11pm Big Swing Theory will be playing live for dancing! $70 per person. Reservations are required.
Please call 888-377-3300 to reserve your space.

August 31, 2013
Gravity Games and Brewfest
Enjoy live music, craft beer tasting and lots of other fun Labor Day weekend festivities.

Selecting Angel Fire, NM For Your Next Trip Will Certainly Be A Fantastic Choice

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Locating a fantastic vacation site isn’t an effortless undertaking.  This write-up describes a vacation locale that’s without a doubt going to delight.

Angel Fire, New Mexico is usually a concealed gem nestled in the middle of the Southern Rockies. Though, it has for years been a haven for skiers who are in search of a lot of recent powder and clear, brisk, dry air it now provides an interesting stomping ground for snowboarders. You will discover lots of lengthy runs for participants of all skill levels. And with a single glimpse of the enormous sky at dawn or dusk and it is really quickly clear how it acquired its title!
In the summertime, a recently up to date bike park will ensure that mountain bikers are entertained. The entire mountain can be available for self-exploration – which could take all summer time! Also available nearby are horseback riding, golf, kayaking, rafting, fishing, and countless amounts of hiking. Wheeler Peak, the highest summit in New Mexico, standing more than 13,000 feet is in the neighborhood and will allow for some additional strenuous but non-specialized climbs. At about eight thousand feet, Angel Fire is actually a terrific place to beat the summer time heat! Autumn is alive with color because the Aspens flip plus the cool, fresh air is sure to excite! Wildlife abounds in all seasons, but in the fall countless creatures are observed at every turn. Lodging is accessible in all types, but a favorite is vacation property rentals. It allows for way more space and privateness versatility and convenience. If Angel Fire, New Mexico has not been on your vacation or weekend getaway radar, it really should be!

Why An Angel Fire Vacation Rental Is Right For You

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Selecting a vacation rental can present you the home away from home you desire.

You have been grinding away at your corporation or your career for months. You enjoy your job, but like anybody, you’re a lot more than ready for a break. You have been planning a vacation for a while and you are overjoyed with anticipation. Activities for all of the vacation days are actually planned. You’ve established a spending budget and you have decided on an awesome site. Now that you might have the most excellent escape prepared the very very last matter you need is any complications on your trip. The final piece of detail is your vacation accommodations and lodging. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to leave your own property, arrive within your destination and settle into a home away from home? That may be what a vacation rental can offer you.
You will find numerous reasons to decide on a vacation rental as a substitute for other alternative accommodations. First, a vacation rental enables you and your loved ones to travel as a group and in the approach preserve on travel costs. For the price, you are going to generally determine that a vacation rental is a lot more economical for any group of men and women than staying in hotels. Do you want to bring your friends alongside as well? The vacation rental could be the ideal strategy to vacation along with your buddies because of all the room. The extra individuals traveling means that the prices for every person involved will be lowered.
A vacation rental makes it possible for you to enjoy the total privacy of a nicely equipped property, staged for your relaxation and entertainment. When renting a motel or a condo, it truly is not uncommon to feel you don’t have your own personal space. Should you choose a vacation house with a yard, you can benefit from the quiet of a space all to yourself. This suggests you will have zero worries about your neighbors walking on the floor above. Exclusive houses seriously make it possible for you to enjoy genuine retreat which will allow you to refresh, chill out, and renew your energy. You also have a location to utilize as the base of operations for nearby day trips, angling, hiking, and visiting close by attractions.
The next purpose to decide on a vacation rental is due to the fact it includes self contained amenities. For example, simply because you’re renting a home rather than a motel, it will have a completely equipped cooking area. The total kitchen will present you with the choices and liberty that you desire to eat how you need to eat. You will be equipped to put together your own meals, keep the additional meals and snacks that you simply love, and visit local markets for fresh, local ingredients. Alternatively, if 1 evening you don’t really feel like you nonetheless possess the alternative to dine out as you desire. On top of kitchens, quite a few vacation homes will even include other familiarities to help you feel like this is your house away from home. Homes frequently have bath toiletries, fresh linens and a few might even contain other amenities like activity rooms, private swimming pools, fireplaces, in-house movie theatres with totally free DVDs to check out. You are able to have each of the conveniences of home, such as the internet, telephone and cable or satellite. Should you pick a residence managed by a professional residence supervisor, you’ll also have peace of thoughts, realizing that they can be accessible if you’ve a need.
Finally, one of the main reasons that individuals opt for vacation rentals is mainly because of the extra room they provide. Like a true house away from home, vacation rentals often provide from one thousand to more than four thousand square ft of room. They’re not shaped to claustrophobic corners and tiny corridors like their condo counterparts. They’re alternatively constructed with spare square footage, ensuring that all company are comforted. This extra square footage will provide you with room to sit and talk and truly benefit from the company of your spouse and children and friends. Deciding upon a vacation rental with an open floor plan may even add to that as you can cook your most popular dish inside cooking area while certainly not missing a second with your loved ones. Having numerous bedrooms and bathrooms implies a lot more privacy for every person on the trip and less time waiting for showers. The closed off bedrooms makes it possible for personal room for folks to unwind and assume varying bedtimes though still maximizing the time to grow closer by enjoying excellent time together under a single roof.

A Few Words About Angel Fire, NM

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If you’re searching for a remarkable site to savor an incredible respite stop your search with this hidden prize.

The next time you are seeking an excellent locale to have a great ski season vacation or a summer recess don’t look past Angel Fire, NM. The Angel Fire Resort is buried within the Sangre de Cristo Mountains are known to be a portion of the southern Rockies and the village is tucked away at a height of 8,250 ft. The highest point of the resort is as tall as 10,677 ft and the neighboring Wheeler Peak, which is the tallest mountain in New Mexico, goes up to 13,161 feet.

The ski season in Angel Fire is crisp, snow coated and offers some of the greatest skiing and snowboarding in New Mexico. The resort now provides 74 trails where you may uncover a great mix of novice, medium, and advanced slopes. If you happen to be a novice, this tends to make it very straightforward for yourself to discover various slopes with less slope to help your learning process. If you might be more experienced, the resort also has 30 acres of glade tree skiing, which I can inform you from personal practical experience, is quite exhilarating. Are you a lot more exploratory than that? Attempt to hike up to some of the specialist trails on the backside of the mountain for the above-board challenge. This past wintertime I ski some of the best snow I’ve experienced at Angel Fire. The the winter season things to do have been expanded through the years to also incorporate cross country skiing, tubing (that is excellent for your little ones), snowmobiling, snowshoeing, snowskating, snowbiking, sleigh rides, and even ice-fishing on Eagle Nest Lake.

The summers in Angel Fire are just as enticing. No air conditioning required here! The summer months are delectably cool which allow it to be an ideal escape from quite a few hotter towns. The area is also loaded with quite a few outside things to do such as hiking, cycling, golf, tennis, mountain biking, horseback riding, ATV-riding, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and fly-fishing. Angel Fire features an 18-hole PGA championship golf course which is one of the highest ranked higher-elevation courses. The club house for the course was recently redesigned and is fairly spectacular. Angel Fire also hosts the nation’s second biggest mountain bike festival, the Chile Challenge, every single off season. Mountain bikers can be sure the trails will test them. Alternatively, when you merely would like to sit back and relax, you’ll be able to take in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the splendor of the mountains.

The true splendor of Angel Fire lies in its peacefulness. Due to the fact that Angel Fire continues to be for the most part underdeveloped it is considered by some people to still be New Mexico’s untold gem. The city contains a population of roughly 1,200 citizens and in its thirty-nine square miles you will find not many bars, 0 casinos, and not even a single traffic light. The absence of crowds indicates you’ll be able to come to Angel Fire and keep your hassles in your own home and truly be at peace with nature. You can expect to be captivated by the frequent animal sightings. Being a property owner, I can tell you it truly is really typical to come across elk or even a deer around my residence or wake up at sunrise and also have them standing in my yard. Reports of sightings of bighorn sheep, marmots, as well as a mountain lion or bear will not be unusual either. If you happen to be a bird watcher, New Mexico is residence to a lot more indigenous species of birds than any other state. Angel Fire’s secret property tends to make it the perfect site to view several of them. Being from a huge urban area, I am still surprised when I travel to Angel Fire and I can observe each star in the sky.

Perfect temperatures. Clean mountain air. 0 crowds. Convivial atmosphere. Well-perserved environment. Loads of things to do. Angel Fire is the the place to vacation.

Staying Safe When at High Elevation in New Mexico

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Summertime is right here and outdoor enthusiasts are heading to higher altitude places to hike, run, and mountain bike.  The trails are excellent and also the scenery is astounding inside the Sangre de Cristo mountains in New Mexico.  Wherever you find mountains you’ll also find bears.  In the north part of New Mexico you will find solely black bears that are smaller sized than the grizzly or brown bears that are living further north in the The Rockies.  It’s crucial to understand the tendencies of black bears to avoid an encounter or have the option to deal with an encounter with a black bear.
While it can be rare to have an experience with a bear or other predatory wildlife while in the mountains,  listed below are some general reasons for an attack whilst hiking.
·Not generating ample noise.
·Approaching or surprising an animal in close proximity, specifically a bear.
·Getting close to a dead animal or other item to eat.
·Scaring a female bear with cubs.
·Walking away from the path or walking when it’s dark.
A bear habitat is also the habitat for cougars, snakes, and also other animals, including deer and elk.  All wild creatures are potentially unsafe.  Always keep a safe and respectful distance from wild animals.  Search for bear signs inside your immediate location.  To reduce the danger of close encounters:
Make It Known: Let someone know where you might be heading.
Produce Noise:  Chat with someone, whistle or clap your hands to make it possible for the bear to know your location.  Don’t rely on bells, normally they are much too quiet.  Raise your voice regularly, specifically when traveling upwind, close to streams and waterfalls, or whenever you are unable to see the route forward.  (avoid dense brush).
Be Alert:  Keep your eyes open for bear indicators such as tracks, droppings, diggings, rocks rolled over, scratches on trees and dead trees torn open.
Never Go By Yourself or After The Sun Goes Down:  Bears and cougars are most active at dawn, dusk, and at nightime, but could possibly be encountered any time.  Groups of several or a lot more people tend to produce much more noise and appear more formidable.  This makes teams safer than individual hikers.  So beware you solo outdoor enthusiasts!
Remain on Marked Paths:  for your security and also to protect the habitat.
Stay Aaway From Dead Animals:  Report dead wildlife into your nearest ranger station.  It is really really unsafe to approach a carcass; a bear is likely to be just out of sight, guarding its food.
Steer Clear Of Odorous Goods:  Keep foods and beverages with potent odors, scented deodorants and lotions and also other odorous products at home.  A bears acute sense of smell can identify odors from amazing distances.  You do not want to smell like an Irish Spring on the trails. Nobody actually cares the way you smell within the woods except for bears.
Mountain bikers and runners must carefully select areas they’re recreating in and be a lot more alert in cougar, bear and rattlesnake country.  Speed and quietness raises dangers of a sudden encounter.
Jogging to a tree could possibly provoke a bear or cougar to chase you.  You can’t outrun them.  Cougars and a few bears run nearly 30 mph, up and downhill, while cougars are regarded for their effective sprints and jumps.  Climb a tree only if it truly is close as well as the animal considerably away.  Remember that all black bears climb trees.
I hope this info might be advantageous to anybody who decides to hit the trails this summer.  Be secure and benefit from the trails in the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountain range of northern New Mexico.

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