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Staying Safe When at High Elevation in New Mexico

Summertime is right here and outdoor enthusiasts are heading to higher altitude places to hike, run, and mountain bike.  The trails are excellent and also the scenery is astounding inside the Sangre de Cristo mountains in New Mexico.  Wherever you find mountains you’ll also find bears.  In the north part of New Mexico you will find solely black bears that are smaller sized than the grizzly or brown bears that are living further north in the The Rockies.  It’s crucial to understand the tendencies of black bears to avoid an encounter or have the option to deal with an encounter with a black bear.
While it can be rare to have an experience with a bear or other predatory wildlife while in the mountains,  listed below are some general reasons for an attack whilst hiking.
·Not generating ample noise.
·Approaching or surprising an animal in close proximity, specifically a bear.
·Getting close to a dead animal or other item to eat.
·Scaring a female bear with cubs.
·Walking away from the path or walking when it’s dark.
A bear habitat is also the habitat for cougars, snakes, and also other animals, including deer and elk.  All wild creatures are potentially unsafe.  Always keep a safe and respectful distance from wild animals.  Search for bear signs inside your immediate location.  To reduce the danger of close encounters:
Make It Known: Let someone know where you might be heading.
Produce Noise:  Chat with someone, whistle or clap your hands to make it possible for the bear to know your location.  Don’t rely on bells, normally they are much too quiet.  Raise your voice regularly, specifically when traveling upwind, close to streams and waterfalls, or whenever you are unable to see the route forward.  (avoid dense brush).
Be Alert:  Keep your eyes open for bear indicators such as tracks, droppings, diggings, rocks rolled over, scratches on trees and dead trees torn open.
Never Go By Yourself or After The Sun Goes Down:  Bears and cougars are most active at dawn, dusk, and at nightime, but could possibly be encountered any time.  Groups of several or a lot more people tend to produce much more noise and appear more formidable.  This makes teams safer than individual hikers.  So beware you solo outdoor enthusiasts!
Remain on Marked Paths:  for your security and also to protect the habitat.
Stay Aaway From Dead Animals:  Report dead wildlife into your nearest ranger station.  It is really really unsafe to approach a carcass; a bear is likely to be just out of sight, guarding its food.
Steer Clear Of Odorous Goods:  Keep foods and beverages with potent odors, scented deodorants and lotions and also other odorous products at home.  A bears acute sense of smell can identify odors from amazing distances.  You do not want to smell like an Irish Spring on the trails. Nobody actually cares the way you smell within the woods except for bears.
Mountain bikers and runners must carefully select areas they’re recreating in and be a lot more alert in cougar, bear and rattlesnake country.  Speed and quietness raises dangers of a sudden encounter.
Jogging to a tree could possibly provoke a bear or cougar to chase you.  You can’t outrun them.  Cougars and a few bears run nearly 30 mph, up and downhill, while cougars are regarded for their effective sprints and jumps.  Climb a tree only if it truly is close as well as the animal considerably away.  Remember that all black bears climb trees.
I hope this info might be advantageous to anybody who decides to hit the trails this summer.  Be secure and benefit from the trails in the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountain range of northern New Mexico.

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